Challenges of the Salzburger personnel developers

Common issues that concern personnel manager are organizational culture, strategy development or structural formation. Those and other topics were part of Mario Weiss’ speech on the 16th of October at the Hubertushof in Anif: At the one-day seminar, organized by the Human Resources Business Club (HRBC), about 15 HRBC-members participated, that are part of the recruitment operations of well known companies in Salzburg, to name some: Markus Winkelmeier (Raiffeisen), Wolfgang Rehrl (Rehrl&Partner) und Johann Glück (Wüstenrot). Trigon consultant Mario Weiss emphasizes the importance of information about organizations and their challenges for Salzburgs personnel developer and their professional development. Furthermore Weiss stressed the future and present competitiveness of organizations. While present competitiveness is accomplished through stability of the framework, continuity and routine, future competitiveness is triggered by an irritating and disrupting dynamic. Weiss: “In order to survive a company must serve both poles most of the times simultaneously. Routine is needed in order to be successful, while disruption which has to be solved is needed in order to be prepared for tomorrow.” Mario Weiss illustrated his points through practical examples. He reported about one personnel manager who had a back-up plan for bad times even though his company was currently successful. “This man realized that he had to convert the recruitment in order to avoid problems he would have been facing in five years.” Participants of the seminar agreed with Weiss and reported about alterations in the personnel development. Especially important is the recruitment of people from 50 years on. Not just during the seminar, but also at lunch, networking was a central priority. Thereby the participants enjoyed culinary delicacies.