Trigon: Who we are

A group of more than 30 consultants in Austria, Germany and Switzerland who take pride in their experience and professionalism whilst retaining the human touch. We assist senior managers and teams in developing new strategies and coping with processes of change in certain and uncertain times. Our mission is to provide professional support to people and organizations by identifying optimum solutions.

How we view our work

Our main focus is on people with their ideas and their creative potential. Businesses and organizations are made ​​by people and can change. They are living entities and develop and change according to specific patterns.

We advise and support people and organizations to meet their challenges. This sometimes requires only small steps, often it is about larger and more complex changes and developments.

What we consider important

  • We support innovation and are willing to take a less conventional approach
  • Our proposals and strategies are transparent and comprehensible
  • We are committed to long-term and responsible solutions
  • In our work, we strive for balance and impartiality
  • We are constantly working to develop our own professionalism and creativity

The Trigon consultants - Professionals with extensive knowledge and an entrepreneurial approach.

Trigon consultants co-own the partnership, comply with best business practice and have a broad methodological consulting background.

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